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100% Polyester Taffeta

Polyester taffeta is fine, tightly-woven, and made in a plain, flat weave with approximately the same number of yarns in both directions. Taffeta can be soft or stiff, and either light or medium in weight. Polyester taffeta can come in a wide range of colours which include metallic hues, and have a lustrous surface.

Polyester taffeta is naturally UV-resistant and has a low moisture retention rating, allowing moisture to dry rapidly.

Taffeta is used in evening dresses, ribbons, couture fashion, chiffon, georgette, umbrellas, and in the linings of academic hoods. Softer taffetas are often used in a variety of linings, and even sometimes in electrical insulation.

AEC Enlist offers 100% Polyester Taffeta. The features and specifications are as follows:

Composition: Polyester Width: 48″/60″
Weight: According to customer request
Color: According to customer request
After-treatment: Screen printing, Transfer printing, Ginning, Pigment printing.

Application: The style of Polyester Taffeta Fabric With Light Check

It is a plain-woven fabric that’s smooth on both sides
Suitable for the lining of the apparel, men’s suits, jackets, uniforms and coats

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